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EFM Aspen Case Armour Product Video

Check out the EFM Aspen and Monaco Case Armour video for iPhone 7 - the slimmest and toughest case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!

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EFM Aspen Case Armour for iPhone 7/7 Plus

EFM Aspen Case Armour Review

Recently, the EFM Aspen Case Armour range for iPhone 7 was featured by News Corp in both the Herald Sun (Vic) and the Sunday Times (WA).  It was great to see the EFM Aspen Case for iPhone 7 featured as one of the top cases for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.  Check it out!


Herald Sun

Lifeproof Survivor Promo

As a bonus this month, whenever you buy any 5 Lifeproof FRE cases for iPhone 5/5S/SE you will get a FREE Lifeproof Survival Kit.  The Lifeproof Survival kit is a cool accessory for the budding adventurer or for those who have a liking for handy tools!  The Lifeproof Survival kit comprises of the following:

  • Compass: Shows the direction
  • Cutter + Flint: Strike the cutter across the flint to create a spark
  • Cotton: Used to help a spark grow into fire
  • Alcohol Pad: Helpful to make fire and also can be used to disinfect wounds
  • Foil: Wrap food to barbeque, can be used to make fire
  • Wire: Cuts through up to 4” thick branches
  • Iron Wire: Tie, hang and fix things
  • Cable Ties: Tie Things
  • Carabiner: Hang bags, kettle etc. Combine with paracord rope for climbing

Be quick as it is limited to the 1st 500 orders!!”

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Impact Edge Screen Armour

Screen protection for your treasured smartphone is mandatory. With the skyrocketing costs of purchasing a smartphone outright or paying off a contract, plus the additional add-on's of phone insurance and app purchases, why wouldn't you do everything you can to preserve your device for the length of its lifespan?

As resilient as your device seems as you use it constantly throughout the day, an accidental drop or knock can be disastrous for the life of your phone. A tiny dent or crack can seem minimal initially, but can easily become a bigger issue over time. 

Constant use of your phone minimises your touchscreen sensitivity over time if you aren't adequately protecting it, and contact with dirty or greasy hands will only speed up the breakdown of your device. 

The EFM Impact Edge Screen Armour is the knight of shining armour of screen protection with a high shock-resistance and impact rating, superior drop protection and an unparallelled scratch-proof rating. 

So how does it ensure your device is supremely protected from life's knocks and scrapes? The Impact Edge Screen Armour's high shock-resistance lies in its TPU screen surround, while the actual phone screen itself is protected by a tempered glass screen guard.






This must-have savior of smartphones also repels nasty grease and fingerprints, making your device last longer, with greater screen clarity and optimum touch sensitivity. 

The EFM Impact Edge Screen Armour comes with a 2-year free replacement warranty, so take the plunge and leave the days of risky phone behaviour behind.

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Flipper Cable Range

No matter whether you are an IoS fanatic, an Android devotee or your operating system of choice for your devices lies elsewhere, the EFM Flipper Cable range will keep you plugged in and on-the-go. 

Whether you are after a fast-syncing and charging cable for your phone or tablet, or just need an additional cable to take with you so you are never caught out with a slowly-dying battery , we've designed the best, most diverse range out there to fit a series of brands or operating systems.

The Flipper 360° rotatable cable is made from the most high-quality, premium materials, with the aim of charging up your litany of devices at optimum speed. 

The EFM Flipper Cable range uses Device Sensing Technology (DST) to not only pick up on the unique charging needs of each individual device, but then uses this information to adjust the power output to protect the device in question. 

You're probably already sold on the Flipper Cable, but it does, in fact, get better.


The DST also restricts overcharging on any given device, preserving those ever-important batteries that keep our much-needed phones and tablets going, and you'll be blown away by the 95% faster charge you get with DST. 

The entire Flipper Cable range is MFi certified, making it an authorised third-party accessory to Apple products, is a generous 2 metres in length and comes with an unbeatable 2-year free replacement warranty. You've got nothing to lose by making the switch to the Flipper Cable range by EFM. In fact, you've got so much to gain.

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EFM 4+2 Charge Hub - For All Your Charging Needs

Everyone with an Apple device knows the frustration of being unable to find the right charging cable for your device as your battery slowly dwindles away.

Our fascination and reliance on our treasured devices is an accepted part of everyday life, so a charge hub that can charge 4 compatible iPhones and 2 tablet devices concurrently is a purchase that you won't regret.

Whether you need a charge hub for the office (your co-workers will love you for it) or in prime position at home for the families many Apple gadgets, the EFM 4 + 2 Charge Hub ticks all the boxes. 4 iPhone charging stations and 2 USB ports at the back for compatible tablets - what's not to love?

Not only is the 4 + 2 Charge Hub stylish and modern, making it a fashionable addition to any space, but it is also Apple MFI approved, confirming it as an authorised third-party accessory. Don't opt for cheap, unofficial dupes that can be dangerous or run the risk of overloading - the EFM 4 + 2 Charge Hub is a solid and inexpensive investment at $129 RRP.

EFM also offers a 5 year free replacement warranty, which is additional peace of mind that this hard-working charge hub will keep on giving for years to come.

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Aspen & Monaco Case Armour - All round D3O protection.

If you are a little clumsy with your smartphone, or just require additional peace of mind that your coveted device is protected from damage, then case armour is a must-have purchase.

EFM has developed the most protective case armour on the market in the form of the Aspen and Monaco range, and their stylish, slimline design not only safeguards your valuable iPhone, but also means there is no added bulk to your device. 

Designed to fit the iPhone 6 and 6S models, the EFM Aspen and Monaco Case Armour range utilises the newest D3O® impact protection material, making your phone virtually indestructible and highly protected from shock and drop damage.

The Aspen and Monaco Case Armour is available in a broad spectrum of colours - Orange, Mint, Violet, Slate and Navy - and is ahead of its time as the first case protection product to feature the coloured D3O® impact protection material. This makes it the ultimate armour for your iPhone that also showcases your own individuality.

The statistics say it all. The EFM Aspen and Monaco Case armour range is offers up to 82% greater impact protection than the leading competitors case protectors. 

So how do the Aspen and Monaco differ in their offerings? Their sleek and attractive design and case protection rating remains the same, with the Monaco offering card and cash slots as well as a secure magnetic flip cover- making it the perfect choice for those who require maximum protection on the go. 

With a two-year free replacement warranty, you can rest assured your much-used smartphone is in safe hands. 

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Introducing the new EFM Charge Totem

With technology saturating our day-to-day lives, it is all too common to have a desk or workspace littered with cords and chargers for our multitude of devices. More than likely, you'll struggle to find enough free outlets to charge them all and then charging time could mean another lengthy wait.

The EFM Charge Totem is the ultimate must-have for those concerned about outlet overcrowding and charging time, and those fed up with cables and powerboards snaking their way around their feet as they work.

Lightweight and completely portable, with a fast and efficient charging capacity, the EFM Charge Totem is the perfect option for those who need simple charging possibility for their smartphones, tablets, mp3s and other devices that you just can't live without. 

With enough space to charge 6 devices simultaneously, and a 95% faster charging speed thanks to its futuristic Device Sense Technology (DST), you'll wonder why you haven't opted for the simplicity of a charge totem before. 

Its portable and super-lightweight design means that it's also simple and hassle-free to take this handy totem from home to the office and back again.

The EFM Charge Totem's forward-thinking Apple and Android ports make charging a breeze for those who use a variety of operating systems on their gadgets. Even if you have an IOS tablet and an Android smartphone, you'll find it simple and seamless to charge these on their own individual operating system ports. 

Safety is paramount with charging systems to avoid overcrowding or overheating, and the totem's internal circuit design prevents any kind of potential electrical malfunction, and is also certified for Australian safety standards.

The EFM Charge Totem also comes with a free Flipper USB to Micro USB cable, as well as a five-year replacement warranty, which will put your mind at ease.

With the EFM Charge Totem, you'll be amazed how easy it is to get all of your gadgets fully-charged so you can get out and about with them again.

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